Agricultural Products testing


  1. The importance of testing Agricultural products and agricultural products:
  • Agricultural products are the products or semi-finished products of the commodity production industry through the cultivation and development of plants. Agricultural products include many groups of foods, fibers, fuels, raw materials, pharmaceuticals, and unique products.
  • Agricultural commodities include a wide range of agricultural commodities such as:
  • Basic agricultural products: rice, wheat, flour, milk, fresh animals (except fish and fish products), coffee, pepper, cashew nuts, tea, fresh vegetables, …
  • Derivative products: bread, butter, cooking oil, meat,…
  • Products processed from agricultural products: confectionery, dairy products, sausages, soft drinks, wine, beer, tobacco, cotton fiber, and raw animal skins, …
  • The testing of main agricultural products helps businesses bring quality products to the market; helps businesses affirm their position, and gain the trust of consumers.
  1. Some legal documents and standards stipulate:
  • Circular 19/2021/TT-BNNPTNT: Promulgating the list of pesticides allowed to be used in Vietnam, the list of pesticides banned from use in Vietnam
  • Circular 50/2016/TT-BYT: Regulation on the maximum limit of pesticide residues in food
  • QCVN 8-1:2011/BYT: National technical regulation for mycotoxin contamination limits in food
  • QCVN 8-2:2011/BYT: National technical regulation on limits of heavy metal contamination in food
  • QCVN 8-3: 2012/BYT: National technical regulation on microbial contamination in food
  • Decision 46/2007/QD/BYT: Regulations on maximum limits of biological and chemical contamination in food
  • TCVN 9740:2013 – Green tea
  • TCVN 1454:2007 – Black tea
  • TCVN 5251:2015 – Powdered coffee
  • TCVN 5250:2015 – Roasted coffee beans
  • TCVN 11888:2017 – White rice
  • TCVN 7036:2008 – Black pepper
  • TCVN 7037:2002 – White pepper
  • TCVN 12380:2018 – Raw cashew nuts
    • Microbiological indicators:
  • Analysis to determine the limit of microbial contamination (total aerobic microorganisms, Coliforms, E.coli, Salmonella, Bacillus cerus, Staphylococcus aureus, Total yeast – mold, …)
  • Genetically modified food (GMO): Promoter CaMV 35S, Terminator NOS, FMV 35S Promoter, …
    • Chemical specifications:
  • Sensory (state, color, smell, taste)
  • Impurities (Sand and grit)
  • Nutritional indicators: DHA, Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9, cholesterol, vitamins, amino acids, Protein, Lipid, ash, fiber, sugar, ….
  • Metal content: Pb, Cd, As, Hg, Na, K, Mg …
  • Analysis of mycotoxins: Aflatoxin BG, Patulin, T2, HT2, Ochratoxin A, Deoxynivalenol, Zearalenone, …
  • Group pesticides: Phosphorus, Chlorine, Chrysanthemum, Carbamate, Triazole, …
  • Các chất khử trùng: Methyl bromide, Ethylene oxide, 2-Chloroethanol, Phosphide, SO2, ….
  • Detergents: Chlorate, Bromide ion, …
  • Preservatives: Benzoic acid, sorbic acid, …
  • Group of substances featured in the product: Caffeine, Aloin A & B, Capsaicin, Catechin, EGC, ECG, polyphenol, Tanin, …
  1. Analytical sample background:

TSL provides testing services for agricultural products and agricultural products of all sample subjects:

  • Ingredients: Rice, fruits of all kinds, cereals, …
  • Agricultural products: cakes, candies, jams, and pet foods, …
  • Canned food.
  1. Analytical device:
  • In order to promptly meet the needs of customers and improve the quality of agricultural and agricultural product testing activities, TSL has equipped with modern and synchronous analytical equipment:
  • Molecular absorption spectrophotometer (UV-Vis).
  • Ion chromatography (IC) system.
  • Liquid chromatography system with probes (HPLC/DAD/FLD, UPLC/DAD/FLD/RID) and liquid chromatography coupled mass spectrometry (LC/MSMS).
  • Gas chromatography systems (GC/FID/ECD) and gas chromatography coupled mass spectrometry (GC/MSMS).
  • Atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS) system.
  • Atomic emission spectrometer system (ICP – OES) and ICP – MS system.
  1. Analytical method:
  • All analytical procedures used to test agricultural products and agricultural products at TSL are referenced to the standard methods of Vietnam and common standards in the world such as TCVN, QCVN, AOAC, ISO , JECFA, … and all these processes are surveyed and validated in accordance with ISO 17025.
  • All methods are tested to assess staff skills, participate in inter-departmental comparisons and implement domestic and international PT programs.
  • The majority of analytical methods are accredited to ISO 17025 by AOSC.
  • In addition, TSL is also designated by ministries and sectors as a testing agency for state management:
  • The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development – ​​Director of the Department of Quality Management of Agro-Forestry-Fisheries and Agro-Forests and Fisheries appointed in the certificates: 249/QD-QLCL and 74/QD-QLCL.
  • The Ministry of Agriculture – Department of Livestock Production and the Directorate of Fisheries designate in the certificates: 349/QD-CN-TăCN, 29/QD-CN-TACN, and 133/QD-TCTS-KHCN&HTQT.
  • The Ministry of Industry and Trade specified in the certificates: 392/QD-BCT and 2032/QD-BCT.
  • The Ministry of Health specified in the certificate: 554/QD-ATTP.